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"Books in this series encourage children to imagine possibilities. This is a charming book that encourages children to use their imagination. I like the positive message and the beautiful illustrations. This would be especially ideal to read aloud to children to share the sense of wonder that it evokes." Amazon reviewer, 5 stars.

The Little Fox Who Reached the Stars
The first book in the Sammy and Comet series

An enchanting picture book for ages 4-8

In this classic children’s bedtime story, the foxes of Northland are being driven from their home. During their long trek down a snowy trail, the littlest fox and his sister try to keep their spirits up. Dreamer is learning how to change shape, but just can’t get it right. He almost succeeds in becoming a tree. But when he tries to change into a harp seal, he tumbles down the icy mountain and comes face-to-face with his biggest enemy. Will Dreamer be able to escape and follow his dream of reaching the stars?

"Loved by all my grands and great grands! These books have been the perfect gift for my multiple grandchildren. They love them and can't wait for the 3rd book!" Amazon reviewer, 5 stars.


Golden stars backround.jpg
Sammy and Comet Spark the Sky
The second book in the Sammy and Comet series

An enchanting picture book for ages 4-8

The colorful, glowing lights in the nighttime sky called sky fires have disappeared, bringing bad luck and hunger to the north. But one night a boy named Sammy befriends a long-tailed fox called Comet, and together fox and boy hatch a plan. Will Sammy and Comet be able to bring the sky fires back?

"An enchanting tale of belief and ambition. The title intrigued me and the artwork persuaded me to purchase this enchanting children's story for a nephew. The pictures evoke what is written really well, making it easy for pre-readers to follow along at storytime. Hints of magic and legend surround this beautifully told tale and I am sure it will become a firm favourite." Amazon reviewer, 5 stars.


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Hi, I'm Peaches! Growing up in sunny California, I was surrounded by animals - cats, dogs, horses. I had an aquarium, and my older brother had two fluffy chinchillas. My favorite thing to do was immerse myself in a book. I always loved reading, writing and telling stories, especially stories about animals. Now I live in England, with my beloved husband and lots of urban wildlife. London isn't as sunny as California, but it's a great place to get inspired. Welcome to my site!


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