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Sammy and Comet Spark the Sky

An enchanting picture book for ages 4-8

The colorful, glowing lights in the nighttime sky called sky fires have disappeared, bringing bad luck and hunger to the north. But one night a boy named Sammy befriends a long-tailed fox called Comet, and together fox and boy hatch a plan. Will Sammy and Comet be able to bring the sky fires back?

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About Me

Hi, I'm Peaches! Growing up in sunny California, I was surrounded by animals - cats, dogs, horses. I had an aquarium, and my older brother had two fluffy chinchillas. My favorite thing to do was immerse myself in a book. I always loved reading, writing and telling stories, especially stories about animals. Now I live in England, with my beloved husband and lots of urban wildlife. London isn't as sunny as California, but it's a great place to get inspired. Welcome to my site!

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"The man who has no imagination has no wings."

Muhammad Ali

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